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How to cure herpes forever and eliminate outbreaks.

If you are looking for answers to questions in the style of how to cure herpes forever, it may be that you find disappointing answers because the total elimination of herpes is a difficult task, but not impossible if you apply certain natural programs whose effectiveness has been proven.

For traditional medicine there is no treatment that indicates how to cure herpes forever. Yes there are palliative to eliminate and reduce the symptoms, so annoying and painful in many cases.

If you have a virus of herpes inside your body and not apply a holistic treatment that will help you to delete it, it will remain in your cells throughout your life. In this case, it is better follow certain rules so that the least possible manifests and can live as healthy as you can.

Before we talk about the treatment of herpes, you must first understand the nature of this medical condition. Herpes is caused by a virus that can be one of the types: herpes simplex type 1 or herpes simplex type 2. The first is the cause of herpes in the upper part of the body (herpes labialis, herpes on tongue, herpes in throat, nose herpes, herpes in the eyes, etc.). The second is the cause of genital herpes that flourishes in the male and female genitalia and in areas close to these.

When a person is infected with a herpes virus, it will suffer episodes of outbreaks of the virus regularly, especially when your immune system is weak. Therefore, the first recommendation is to keep the immune system strong enough so you can fight the herpes virus. To do this, you should take a multivitamin that will help you to raise your defenses.

However, it can happen that although you are taking vitamins; attack you a sudden outbreak how is cure herpes in this case? First, it takes a single dose of vitamin A which will help you curb the wounds and achieve so the outbreak is not as strong.

In the case of genital herpes, hygiene is vital because you will have to keep the sore clean and dry; wash with mild soap and water, and dry carefully. You have to use loose and natural fibres (cotton) underwear, but does not cover the affected area until the lesions are really dry.

You must first treat outbreaks and then learn how to cure herpes forever.

Herpes labialis.

In the case of herpes labialis Aloe Vera is excellent, since it is very easy to dry the blisters with this plant: crystals of Aloe Vera are applied directly on the sore and you'll see how dries much faster, in addition they will not be you scars.

Another common remedy is to place a black teabag in the lesion, will greatly alleviate you itching and inflammation will yield.

How to cure herpes forever
Cure herpes with Aloe Vera

You can also apply compresses of echinacea, Witch Hazel, of Melissa, castor oil, eucalyptus or tea tree. Use a cloth to make compresses.

Genital herpes.

Compresses recommended for herpes labialis, do not serve for genital herpes because this herpes lesions should remain dry. So the best is to extend (starch) cornstarch or flour of rice over the area to help it dry faster.

However, if it hurts you intensely, there are baths that you can alleviate: do them with the same plants of treatment for cold sores, in hot water.

Finally, the main recommendation is to keep your immune system as much as possible. Combat stress with alternative therapies (meditation, yoga, massages), since the concern, anxiety, and the alteration of the nerves can become a difficult to treat enemy making even more difficult the task of cure herpes.

The truth is that there are specifically powerful nutrients to help you boost your immune system and your own body to heal itself. The Ultimate Herpes Protocol is one of those guides explaining you how to cure herpes forever. You can get it online because it is very popular on the net.

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