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Female genital herpes: natural treatment.

If you want to know a natural treatment for female genital herpes, read this article. 

Genital herpes is a very uncomfortable condition. It is an infection that is very annoying, caused by the herpes simplex virus type 2. Although the symptoms of this disease are not always visible in a person, when they do occur they can be treated and cured, so that the patient wears a comfortable life in the event of outbreaks.

Female genital herpes

When a patient shows symptoms of genital herpes, the patient may experience irritation and outbreaks of blisters in the genital region, fever and general discomfort and even pain in legs, groin and buttocks. The treatment of these symptoms in women does not vary much in comparison with men, but women need to have some specific care.

Female genital herpes treatment.

Female patients should be sure to have a strong immune system, because only that will keep them symptomless. For this reason, factors such as the severe stress or other illnesses may contribute to the occurrence of an outbreak of genital herpes.

Basics care for female genital herpes include the use of loose clothing. The clothing close-fitting to the body can cause pain and painful discomfort when you have an outbreak of herpes. There are patients who say that wearing tight clothes is uncomfortable, even when they are asymptomatic. Women susceptible to irritation or skin allergies should be careful, because these episodes can contribute to an outbreak.

A diet rich in vegetables and exercise three or four times a week can be very useful. It is also necessary to avoid the consumption of alcohol and tobacco.

The women with genital herpes should also be careful with exposure to the sun. Avoid exposure to the Sun when it is a very intense can be very damaging when they are developing the symptoms of genital herpes. If the exposure is unavoidable, it is advisable to use a sunscreen of factor 25 or 50.
Women carriers of the virus herpes simplex type 2, usually say outbreaks of herpes during menstruation. If this happens to you, you must consult your doctor so this orient you on how reduce the magnitude of the outbreak. Probably the doctor tells you that you consume antivirals during those days.

Antiviral agents in the treatment of female genital herpes.

The most important treatment of patients with female genital herpes include the consumption of antiviral drugs prescribed by a physician. The doctor may prescribe these medications so take them when they begin to present symptoms (episodic treatment) or on your daily intake (suppressive therapy).

For episodic treatment of the herpes, it is important that patients know well your symptoms, so they can ingest the drug when they begin to manifest itself. This is what ensures the rapid success of the treatment. In suppressive therapy, the patient consumes medication on a daily basis, which reduces the appearance of outbreaks in 80% of cases. However, usually this type of treatment is reserved for more severe cases of female genital herpes because it has harmful side effects for the patient's health.

Not only suppressive therapy reduces the appearance of the symptoms, but it is also useful to reduce the chances of transmission of the virus even in 50% of cases. For this reason the suppressive is an important tool for those patients who have a seronegative partner (i.e., that do not have herpes).

To prevent transmission of herpes to your partner, a male or female condom use is necessary. People, who are allergic to latex, must use polyurethane condoms; animal origin condoms are porous and therefore ineffective to prevent transmission of the virus. However, it may occur that your partner develop herpes in an area of your body that is not covered by the condom.

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