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Genital herpes cure: effective treatment of outbreaks

In this article I want to show two simple techniques for a genital herpes cure and thus put an end to that shame, frustration and pain you're feeling.

There are millions who suffer from genital herpes caused by the virus herpes simplex type2. Therefore, patients seek different techniques to learn how to fight it and try to remove it from our body.

The symptoms of this disease are varied. The most frequent are as follows: body decay, blisters and sores in the area of the genitals, headaches, fever, redness in genitals and also much itching.

Genital herpes cure
Identification of female genital herpes

Genital herpes cure
Identification of male genital herpes
If you are passing through some of these symptoms do not hesitate and visit your doctor that makes you a good diagnosis of what is happening to you. If the diagnosis is positive, your doctor will talk to you about how to make a genital herpes cure using various treatments with different medications.

But you don't have to worry, if you do not want to submit to a drug treatment with harmful side effects to your health or simply do not have the economic resources to conventional treatments, you can get a completely natural genital herpes cure.

Natural treatments are becoming more practiced by people, since they are more secure and do not produce any side effects and are of course very effective. The good thing about natural cures for genital herpes is that you spend very little money and you can apply using ingredients found in your home or that are easy to buy and find in any store.

Many of the natural methods using ingredients such as Aloe Vera, green tea, vinegar apple, garlic and banana peels.

Care required by genital herpes.

Now let's look at preventive measures that you should take, if you suffer from genital herpes.

You must shower two or three times a day, never share or use the same soap that other people are going to use, nor machines shaving or towels. When outbreaks of herpes blisters appear, you should completely avoid any type of sexual relationship since at this stage herpes is highly contagious for the rest of the people. When you're not going by the rash or blisters and go to have sex you should use prophylactic protection (condoms).

Remedies for a genital herpes cure at home.

Now I will present two techniques for a genital herpes cure. They are very simple to implement and will yield positive results to you in three weeks.

1) You get apple cider vinegar, then wet a piece of cotton with the vinegar and apply it to the area affected by herpes. You do this about three times a day for 10 minutes for about three weeks and begin to see positive results. The really important thing is to take action as soon as possible to stop the spread of the virus.

2) You get a bag of green tea, put it in a cup and add hot water. Then soak a piece of cotton with green tea and apply it in the area affected by herpes. With the help of a bandage or tape you must adhere to your skin so that it cannot fall. Performs this treatment for four weeks and notice the improvement to apply this genital herpes cure.

I know you suffer from genital herpes, because I went through that situation and it was truly something unpleasant and what not was you solution. Everything ended when a friend recommended the book The Ultimate Herpes Protocol by Melanie Addington. This book contains the remedies above and many others who helped me to definitely heal from this terrible disease.

Cure for genital herpes: use of acyclovir

This article analyzes the cure for genital herpes with acyclovir: drug that is commonly used with more frequency, which is taken to reduce pain and accelerate healing of blisters that have people with genital herpes outbreaks.

This drug belongs to a class of antiviral medications called synthetic nucleoside analogues. They basically stop the spread of the virus in the body, but are unable to prevent transmission of the virus to other people.

Acyclovir is in several presentations for oral consumption: tablets, capsules and suspension. The medication is taken usually immediately after the presentation of the first symptoms of herpes, two to five times a day for a period of five to 10 days.

When this medication is used to prevent outbreaks of genital herpes, it is suitable at least for a year.

It is very important that the medical indications, other will follow strict form would not be obtained the expected results as well as the harmful side effects that may result in failure to follow medical prescriptions.

You must not exceed the dose, or you should not take less than the dose prescribed by your doctor. You must also try to take the dose at fixed times every day of treatment.
Among the precautions to keep in mind in the cure for genital herpes with acyclovir have the following: 1) notify your doctor if allergic reactions occur 2) inform your doctor if you are using other medications or natural remedies and 3) If you are pregnant, you must not forget to report it to your doctor.

Additional tips for the cure for genital herpes with acyclovir.

1) You should try to keep the blisters dry and clean. This is important for the natural healing process; also it is recommended that you take baths with warm water to clean the affected area.

2) You must dry your body with a clean, dry towel. You can use hair dryer on warm or cold-air mode.

3) You must not use too tight underwear. This is another of the measures that you should take to prevent the rose constant and annoying with blisters.

4) You should not use creams or lotions; they are too irritating to the skin in that state.

5) Your diet is crucial for a good and quick recovery of genital herpes.

Cure for genital herpes
Foods high in lysine to cure genital herpes

Although you're applying the cure for genital herpes with acyclovir, it is necessary that you also analyze the diet that you are consuming, it seems the least important, but in fact the opposite is true.

Researchers have discovered that amino acids such as lysine and arginine, have an important role in the behaviour of genital herpes. If you eat foods rich in lysine, are helping that process of recovery and healing of genital herpes is much more rapid and effective. If you eat foods rich in arginine, you are helping to slow down the healing process of genital herpes.

So, as you can see, what we eat plays an important role in the cure for genital herpes.
Here is a short list of foods that you should eat and another with those that you should not include in your diet because of their high content of arginine.

You should include in your diet: fish, chicken, beef, lamb, cheese, milk,
beans, yeast of beer, fruit and vegetables.

Your diet should not include: jelly, chocolate, carob, coconut, oats, white flour, Bran, peanut, soybean and wheat germ.

Currently scientists investigate a vaccine to prevent infection by herpes, but this is not yet available. The vaccine will be to prevent transmission to people who have never contracted a genital herpes outbreak. But it will not be possible to control outbreaks of genital herpes when you already have the virus in the body.

While the vaccine is not available, genital herpes outbreaks can be prevented using aciclovir in periods, but with care. Not all patients with genital herpes should take acyclovir in this form; it is only for patients who have very frequent reactivations of genital herpes.

If you are taking or are going to take acyclovir as cures for genital herpes for long periods of time, it is good to know some harmful side effects to your health you may be caused by this medication. Among these are: upset stomach, vomiting, diarrhea, vertigo, fatigue, agitation, arthralgia (joint pain), fall of hair and blurry vision.

As we have already mentioned, these harmful side effects to your health with treatments of acyclovir does not always occur, but is not more that you know them, if they come to present during the process of treatment with acyclovir, it is important that you check this with your doctor.

Vital it is to keep this medication in your container, tightly capped, that is not in the reach of children, preserved in a site at room temperature and not exposed to heat or excessive moisture.

If you are following a treatment with acyclovir for genital herpes, do not forget to combine it with the power you've recommended: it will help you to eliminate the symptoms of genital herpes, but remember that this drug has harmful side effects. The most recommended is a cure for genital herpes with natural remedies.

Friday, August 28, 2015

How to cure herpes forever and eliminate outbreaks.

If you are looking for answers to questions in the style of how to cure herpes forever, it may be that you find disappointing answers because the total elimination of herpes is a difficult task, but not impossible if you apply certain natural programs whose effectiveness has been proven.

For traditional medicine there is no treatment that indicates how to cure herpes forever. Yes there are palliative to eliminate and reduce the symptoms, so annoying and painful in many cases.

If you have a virus of herpes inside your body and not apply a holistic treatment that will help you to delete it, it will remain in your cells throughout your life. In this case, it is better follow certain rules so that the least possible manifests and can live as healthy as you can.

Before we talk about the treatment of herpes, you must first understand the nature of this medical condition. Herpes is caused by a virus that can be one of the types: herpes simplex type 1 or herpes simplex type 2. The first is the cause of herpes in the upper part of the body (herpes labialis, herpes on tongue, herpes in throat, nose herpes, herpes in the eyes, etc.). The second is the cause of genital herpes that flourishes in the male and female genitalia and in areas close to these.

When a person is infected with a herpes virus, it will suffer episodes of outbreaks of the virus regularly, especially when your immune system is weak. Therefore, the first recommendation is to keep the immune system strong enough so you can fight the herpes virus. To do this, you should take a multivitamin that will help you to raise your defenses.

However, it can happen that although you are taking vitamins; attack you a sudden outbreak how is cure herpes in this case? First, it takes a single dose of vitamin A which will help you curb the wounds and achieve so the outbreak is not as strong.

In the case of genital herpes, hygiene is vital because you will have to keep the sore clean and dry; wash with mild soap and water, and dry carefully. You have to use loose and natural fibres (cotton) underwear, but does not cover the affected area until the lesions are really dry.

You must first treat outbreaks and then learn how to cure herpes forever.

Herpes labialis.

In the case of herpes labialis Aloe Vera is excellent, since it is very easy to dry the blisters with this plant: crystals of Aloe Vera are applied directly on the sore and you'll see how dries much faster, in addition they will not be you scars.

Another common remedy is to place a black teabag in the lesion, will greatly alleviate you itching and inflammation will yield.

How to cure herpes forever
Cure herpes with Aloe Vera

You can also apply compresses of echinacea, Witch Hazel, of Melissa, castor oil, eucalyptus or tea tree. Use a cloth to make compresses.

Genital herpes.

Compresses recommended for herpes labialis, do not serve for genital herpes because this herpes lesions should remain dry. So the best is to extend (starch) cornstarch or flour of rice over the area to help it dry faster.

However, if it hurts you intensely, there are baths that you can alleviate: do them with the same plants of treatment for cold sores, in hot water.

Finally, the main recommendation is to keep your immune system as much as possible. Combat stress with alternative therapies (meditation, yoga, massages), since the concern, anxiety, and the alteration of the nerves can become a difficult to treat enemy making even more difficult the task of cure herpes.

The truth is that there are specifically powerful nutrients to help you boost your immune system and your own body to heal itself. The Ultimate Herpes Protocol is one of those guides explaining you how to cure herpes forever. You can get it online because it is very popular on the net.

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Female genital herpes: natural treatment.

If you want to know a natural treatment for female genital herpes, read this article. 

Genital herpes is a very uncomfortable condition. It is an infection that is very annoying, caused by the herpes simplex virus type 2. Although the symptoms of this disease are not always visible in a person, when they do occur they can be treated and cured, so that the patient wears a comfortable life in the event of outbreaks.

Female genital herpes

When a patient shows symptoms of genital herpes, the patient may experience irritation and outbreaks of blisters in the genital region, fever and general discomfort and even pain in legs, groin and buttocks. The treatment of these symptoms in women does not vary much in comparison with men, but women need to have some specific care.

Female genital herpes treatment.

Female patients should be sure to have a strong immune system, because only that will keep them symptomless. For this reason, factors such as the severe stress or other illnesses may contribute to the occurrence of an outbreak of genital herpes.

Basics care for female genital herpes include the use of loose clothing. The clothing close-fitting to the body can cause pain and painful discomfort when you have an outbreak of herpes. There are patients who say that wearing tight clothes is uncomfortable, even when they are asymptomatic. Women susceptible to irritation or skin allergies should be careful, because these episodes can contribute to an outbreak.

A diet rich in vegetables and exercise three or four times a week can be very useful. It is also necessary to avoid the consumption of alcohol and tobacco.

The women with genital herpes should also be careful with exposure to the sun. Avoid exposure to the Sun when it is a very intense can be very damaging when they are developing the symptoms of genital herpes. If the exposure is unavoidable, it is advisable to use a sunscreen of factor 25 or 50.
Women carriers of the virus herpes simplex type 2, usually say outbreaks of herpes during menstruation. If this happens to you, you must consult your doctor so this orient you on how reduce the magnitude of the outbreak. Probably the doctor tells you that you consume antivirals during those days.

Antiviral agents in the treatment of female genital herpes.

The most important treatment of patients with female genital herpes include the consumption of antiviral drugs prescribed by a physician. The doctor may prescribe these medications so take them when they begin to present symptoms (episodic treatment) or on your daily intake (suppressive therapy).

For episodic treatment of the herpes, it is important that patients know well your symptoms, so they can ingest the drug when they begin to manifest itself. This is what ensures the rapid success of the treatment. In suppressive therapy, the patient consumes medication on a daily basis, which reduces the appearance of outbreaks in 80% of cases. However, usually this type of treatment is reserved for more severe cases of female genital herpes because it has harmful side effects for the patient's health.

Not only suppressive therapy reduces the appearance of the symptoms, but it is also useful to reduce the chances of transmission of the virus even in 50% of cases. For this reason the suppressive is an important tool for those patients who have a seronegative partner (i.e., that do not have herpes).

To prevent transmission of herpes to your partner, a male or female condom use is necessary. People, who are allergic to latex, must use polyurethane condoms; animal origin condoms are porous and therefore ineffective to prevent transmission of the virus. However, it may occur that your partner develop herpes in an area of your body that is not covered by the condom.